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Our cellar

Cave à vin

The Maison Mollex has its own material of wine making, old futs for a long time used and which were replaced by stainless tanks with control of temperature. We possess all the material necessary for the bottling, what allows us to convert into wine our production and he can buy of the grape harvest and some quality wine which we can block by our care. We make we even our traditional method with in cellar, between 400 000 and 450 000 bottles in foam grip which work slowly to bring the sharpness and the elegance.


Explanation of the traditional method

The Traditional Method for sparkling wines or the Champagne method for Champagne are identical. We realize this Traditional Method for the AOC Seyssel and Savoy. Seyssel is realized with two vines which are the Thumb wheel in 90 % and the Highness in 10 %. As regards Savoy, we use only the vine Jacquère. There are very precise stages to conceive a wine in Traditional Method.


[+] Embouteillage

We use a wine having finished its alcoholic fermentation, to whom we add a liqueur of edition consisted of wine, yeasts and sugar. This liqueur is mixed in the wine just before the bottling and is so going to allow to realize the second fermentation in bottle, which we call the foam grip. Bottles are put a capsule with capsules and thingummies intended to facilitate the draining.


[-] Foam grip


[-] Remuage


[-] Dégorgeage

[-] Addition of the liqueur of expedition


[-] Finish of the bottle